As many of you already know, 37signals is this small Chicago-based company that has made a huge impact in the world of startups thanks to their strong values and approach. I will not summarize what they do, go have a look for yourself if you don’t know them. They even have a book out, Getting Real. It is worth it. We also love their blog, Signal versus Noise

A lot of things they say make sense, and I wanted to share with you some elements I found in a very interesting article, 7 things startups should copy from 37signals

Yesterday we had a team meeting to talk about what we did in the last few months, where we want to go, what we do wrong as a team, and oddly enough we talked about 4 main points (we only read the article today) that can be found in the article

  • Share your expertise: we need to talk and exchange more internally and externally. So now we have short meetings every morning (people are more aware, more involved), we cut internal MSN conversations and replace them with….talking, and we started a blog and got a twitter account. In less than a week we received 4 request for proposals from people we never heard before, in USA, Europe and Thailand. And we haven’t even worked on our SEO
  • Be your own customer: we wanted to share this simple but universal statement with our team. It is crucial. Always think like a user, no matter what you write, code or design. It seems so obvious, yet we forget it all the time.
  • Take a stand: have opinions, criticize, argue. Nobody’s perfect, and questions brings more questions and more thinking. It’s always good. This element was especially difficult to “implement” in a thai working environment, where the boss is always right, you never talk back, let alone express yourself. And we’re really happy that we’ve somewhat conquered this at one2crowd (we’re on a 8 out of 10, we want to get the 10)
  • Build a community: see point 1. On top of that we’ve created an internal wiki to share code and ideas. And we will launch our website in thai soon to try to reach out more to the local communities (and give a greater role to our thai team regarding communications)

The other points the article make are all valid as well but I felt these 4 ones were universal.

Anybody has similar experiences? thoughts?

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  1. Gwendolina Genest says:

    Hi guys from one2crowd !!

    hum…il a l’air passionnant ce blog… lol !


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