Ok, let’s get this out of the way. Launching a start-up takes time, energy, discipline, money and patience. No matter where you are.

Launching in Thailand only adds some spices! I will write about our experience in future posts, I am not trying to summarize everything we’ve learned here, it would be too long

But I’ll start with 5 observations, probably obvious but still important:

  • You are a foreigner in a foreign land, you have to adapt, not them. For example, all the legal documents are in Thai. I know, it’s crazy eh….so surround yourself right away with the best local people you can find (employees, lawyer, friends). Without them you are nothing, literally
  • Do not assume anything. Read a lot and ask questions constantly because things can change very fast. Example? The rules in Bangkok are not the same as in Chiang Mai.  And by the time we set up the company late 2008, some new rules were introduced for 2009, affecting where we had to incorporate one2crowd thailand.
  • Finding good people is hard. It is not a problem specific to Thailand, good web people are hard to find everywhere, but it is especially true here. So take your time and do not think you will build a killer team of 25 in 2 months. Impossible
  • The projects you deliver are all that matter. Not the 12 hours time difference, not the heat or the beer promotions….The quality of your work defines you as a company. Not your location, not the people you know, not even your rates
  • If your business model sucks, it will suck everywhere (I could not resist saying this, feels good)

There are many more differences, but honestly I have to say that 90% of our challenges would be the same if we were in California or Canada or Europe. I will write later on some specific examples

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  1. Louis-dominic Parizeau says:

    Congrats for the blog! I’ll stay tuned!

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