After 8 months it was time to move into a bigger office. It wasn’t easy, we have specific needs: open space type that can accommodate 8-12 people no problem. Here, office space are either too big or too small. Or too expensive (they give you the space but you have to build everything, including walls…). After a search that was started almost 3 months ago, we decided on a….town house. It’s big enough, we’re on our own (no need to share with other tenants), it’s very central (right off a big commercial street in Chiang Mai) and the price is in our budget

We moved yesterday, they installed the oh-sooo-important internet connection, tomorrow the oh-s000-mutually-important AC. We’re already up and running and it is a welcomed change: new area, new restaurants, coffee shops.

And mentally too, it’s a nice change. We’re at this stage in our existence where we feel we’ve switched from a beta phase (the first 6-8 months of starting up) into a full release. The timing was perfect for a changing our work space. We learned so much in 8 months: how to work in a multi-lingual work environment for example. We now have clients in USA and Europe, and we’re working on a few very interesting leads in Asia

We just need to buy furniture now : )

UPDATE: Here are two pictures to give you a better idea. As you can see it’s a real work in progress, they are installing the AC today. We need to paint, buy plants, nice stuff, etc…The place is actually much bigger than it looks, we have a mezzanine and 2 other floors. Here you only see the ground floor

P9010323 150x150 We just movedP9010324 150x150 We just moved

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4 Responses to We just moved

  1. jf vigeant says:

    I guess it’s going to be hard to buy ikea furniture :) we want before/after picture of the new office!


  2. Pierre-Yves says:

    good idea! we “do” have furniture and yes even coffee mugs…..but we need to pimp up our office a bit : )

  3. Vincent says:

    Congratulations ! Finally you found the place :-)

    Can’t wait to see picures of the place with plants and decoration.

  4. angel says:

    put plant at front of office and inside, coffee room for every body. wait to see picture after thing complete

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