Barcamp is a wondeful opportunity to meet web people in a very relaxed and unformal environment. We attended Barcamp Bangkok a few months ago and now that it’s “coming to town” we had to do something (i.e. sponsor)

For those who don’t know what Barcamp is (taken from the website, I could not have said it better)….”Barcamp is a conversation. It’s an open, participatory event. Anyone can come. There is no audience, only participants. The whole idea is to get smart people that love technology together to collaborate, network, and learn.”

We invite people from all over Asia to come and join us. Chiang Mai is really a nice place and you’ll meet interesting people I guarantee (and the beer is cheap, you can get 3 large bottles for $3 US)

For more info: Barcamp Chiang Mai

ps: If any of you guys need help for travel or accomodations, let us know we will gladly help. There are tons of nice and cheap places to stay in CM for less than $20 a night / 500 baht (and you can share a room for two at this price)

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One Response to We sponsor BarCamp Chiang Mai 2009, Nov 14th

  1. bact' says:

    BarCamp Chiang Mai 3 is coming! :)

    Date: Saturday, June 12, 2010 — all day til late evening
    Venue: School of Media Art and Design, Chiang Mai University Art Museum

    It will also hosted the CC Salon Chiang Mai, an event for free culture and creative commons.

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