It’s that time of the year when we reflect on the last 12 months and see what we did good/bad, where we want to go, etc….And frankly I have to say it’s been crazy (as in crazy good). If I think back at where we were a year ago, we can be pretty happy. I’m not going to brag and tell you we exceeded expectations…..but we did. In more ways that we think. However, expectations do not (only) mean money and growth, it means establishing a viable business for the long term, on the right track, and especially learning and enjoying what we do. Really, I think it’s a nice achievement. OK enough about praises. Here are a few things to summarize 2009 for us:

- We started with a rough idea, two white guys with laptops, very far from Canada, and we’re now a limited company with employees, established clients, contracts and so many things to look forward to in 2010

- To give you an idea, between our first formal mandate and the latest one, the size of the contract (in dollars) is literally 10 times bigger (again it’s not about money, but it gives you an idea)

- We are still learning everyday. Managing a business, between the day to day and long-term goals, between hiring good people to understanding/navigating through thai laws while at the same time trying to deliver 100% quality on every project….well, it’s a challenge. Honestly, we never thought it would be this hard. Nobody is prepared really, the only way to find out is doing it

- Working too much really $&%& you up. We need to take more time off work, recharge the batteries, even if it simply means going away for two days on a weekend.Yes as a start-up you need to work extra, but there is always a balance to achieve otherwise….what’s the point really?

- I may repeat myself, but it is not the hourly rates, the distance, the experience, the “i know this guy for X years”, it is the quality of your deliverables that dictates everything else.

- Be honest all the time with your clients. If you are late, if your evaluation was over/under, if a new module needs 3 extra days (and more money), if you cannot do his project, if you don’t want to work with them anymore. In the end it makes life so much easier.

- Coming to Thailand and working here has been an extraordinary life experience. The people, the food, the mountains, the sun, the lifestyle, the nightlife, etc….Above all, no matter how much we work, we see everyday, every time people on the streets struggling to get by to feed their families. It really keeps everything in perspective. It keeps you grounded, humbled and makes you enjoy Life even more.

2009 was great, and so far all the signs point to a very good 2010, so let’s enjoy it

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