Very interesting article in ZDNet Asia on working with Chinese web developers

Interesting because we could pretty much apply the same to our own experience here in Thailand. People are different, think differently and work differently. Let’s try to apply a bit of humor here (in no way we are saying westerners are better….we are simply different, and we really mean it)

Here are the 3 main elements of the article:
Different definition of “work completion”: For westerners, a project is completed when the final copy is approved, when the final pixel is aligned, when the size of the page is optimized (and when our developers roll their eyes 6 times a day at us). In China (and Thailand), a project is completed when it’s running and doing the job. The rest are technicalities and details.

Developers decide what final software should be: “Ok why do you input this function?” “Because it’s better”. ” “Hmmm….but it’s not in the requirements” Blank stare. “Why didn’t you ask me before doing it?” Blank stare….”Ok thank you”. (Note to self: I’m a Zen master, I’m a Zen master, I’m a…..)

Keeping quiet about problems. Nothing to add here ; )

How do we solve these issues? We use the oldest trick in the book.

We talk.

And guess what, it works. We’re 2 French Canadians working with Thais, using English to communicate between ourselves, and it works. It took a bit of adjustment but we can honestly say we’re on par with any Western companies now. Jing Jing

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