yellow 300x193 Our latest project: Yellow Pages CanadaWe are very proud of one of our latest project with Yellow Pages Canada. Our mandate was to create a new section called Video Channel, where users can browse through more than 10,000 videos according to different categories and their preferred location. In other words, Yellow Pages but with videos.

The main challenge was to figure out how their huge databases worked (geo-location ,videos types, etc…) and create the most efficient solution to handle all the requests. Remember, we’re talking about a website that gets millions of visits everyday, and gets a very large number of searches. Our solution had to fit in nicely. Any significant delays for the user would simply mean abandoning the project.

Obviously we delivered on time and I’m glad to say it now, above expectations ; )

And we were happy to count on Dan Mireault, our favorite art director, to create a clean and efficient interface once again. Thanks Dan

Please check it out here:

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