In the previous post I mentioned bigger projects. Well this is one of them.

We won the complete re-design and development of a video/audio sharing platform for a large organization in Paris, France. Basically members (mostly public radios and television stations throughout the world) can order, upload and share television and radio programs through this platform.

The challenge is (because it’s still in progress) to build everything from scratch using Zend, namely:

Zend Framework Video Audio

Zend Framework Video Audio

  • rebuilt all the databases
  • create a CMS for content, news, events
  • create a catalog and shopping cart, with different type of “products”
  • create a membership module with full capabilities (my orders, my uploads, etc…)
  • create a back-end to manage all of this

And the last part but still crucial, create a user-friendly website which looks good. Thanks to our regular art director, Dan Mireault, I think we’ve got something pretty nice going on. Here’s a preview of the catalog page. What do you think?
The website is scheduled to be launch in July, with a mini site before that for the World Cup in South Africa.

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