We recently launched a mini site for an independant music label in Canada. The challenge was to build a full site with CMS and ecommerce capabilities….in less than 3 weeks. Thanks in part to Magento downloable product module, we could achieve this

selling mp3 with magento -  boutique la confiserie

  • Magento downloadable products allow users to listen to samples of the songs and even buy individual songs (like on iTunes)
  • We choose Magento because for phase 2 the store will sell t-shirts and physical albums, and everything is already set. These are just different type of products, you don’t have to create a new admin or a new back-end, the logic is already there. And this is a huge plus
  • We played a bit with the templates to create a better user experience and it was fairly easy with Magento. For example we added a flash music player component for samples so users can click on the link/button and listen without leaving the page
  • It’s pretty user-friendly. The client is now using it full time with very limited input from us a month later. They add mp3, albums, images, content, etc…

You can see the store here at boutique.laconfiserie.net. Sorry it’s all in french but I’m sure you can get the idea. By the way, we did the development only for this project

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6 Responses to Selling mp3 online with Magento

  1. Andrea G.V. says:

    Hi there,
    what you did with this site is fantastic!!!
    This is exactly what a lot of people are trying to do with magento without managing to do it! There are tons of posts on the forum trying to find this method. Your solution is really clean and works perfectly!! Cheers.

    I know that you’re busy, but it would be great for a lot of people of you could share your technique and how you did it. Mostly, how you configured Magento and how you added the player, and if/how you tweaked the Theme to support it.

    I would really appreciate to be contacted even briefly at andrea.gv AT gmail.com or via twitter or yahoo at agv3692002
    Txs very much for your interest and help,
    Andrea G. Vitali

  2. Jair Romer says:


    I just found this website about selling mp3 with magento.

    I´m in the process of setting up an online store that will do just that, sell mp3´s online and I want to use magento. The only thing is, your example/demo site is the only descent thing that’s out there to do so ;-)

    Are you making this available to the community? Or is it commercial? And if it is commercial, what do you charge for it?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Kind regards, Jair.

  3. Tiffany F. says:

    This is awesome! Please send information on how to pay for the plug in used for the MP3 Capability.

  4. Dustin says:

    I would love to hear how you got the flash plugin working. Was it considered a base magento feature or did you just add it as a sample to every product mp3?

    Let me know.

  5. laura says:

    Nice. Is it commercial?

  6. Dana Harden says:

    Do you have any more info about setting up a music site like you did with Magento?

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