2010 has been a big year for us. We doubled our revenues and our team, we worked on bigger and more complex projects and we started going mobile at the end of the year.

In terms of clients, we now work with great web agencies in Germany and New Zealand, and have direct clients in New York, Australia, France, Singapore and obviously Montreal Canada.

We’ve seen in the last year Magento really taking off.  It is already big in Europe, it’s getting bigger in USA and Canada is finally catching up. In the last month we signed 3 Magento projects in Canada, something we never really anticipated since we never really got any demands coming from Canada. It’s a good sign for us since we’re already well established in Montreal, and our Magento portfolio speaks for itself, giving us a triple edge over Canadian competitors: expertise, experience (more than 15 Magento projects done) and competitive costs.

We get a lot of request for mobile and apps, 95% of them for iPhone. Which is great but a shame too since our team is very Android ready (all of our developers come from Java background, the language Android is using). We hope by the end of 2011 we’ll be able to split our mobile revenues equally between iPhone, Android and even “simple” mobile websites. It seems everybody wants to create mobile apps because it’s the cool thing these days. But you can have a great mobile presence by making your website mobile-friendly. For example we built a standard Magento website for a juggling products company and at the same time, using the Magento iPhone template, launched its mobile-friendly version. You can check them out both at www.goudurix.com using a normal browser and then your mobile phone.  Let’s be honest, creating a standalone iPhone app for this webstore would have cost at least 5-10 times what we did and I’m not sure it would have made a huge difference in terms of features.

So what to look for in 2011? We are profitable since day 1 and we’ve increased our revenues probably by 3-4 since we started 2 years ago. It would be easy to say let’s double size again. But is it really the objective? Like a good friend of mine once told me, you can make more money (i.e more profit) with 5 people than with 20, it’s all a matter of profitability (we are now 10 by the way). I think it comes down to: keep enjoying what we do, work on great projects and aim for a even better work / life balance. Sounds easy but as any entrepreneurs or start-ups will tell you, these are the real challenges.

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