We’re quite happy these days because we signed a good client and we will handle all strategy, web marketing and development, what I call a “head to toe” client. We could have used another image but you get the idea.

Happy because it’s a well-known brand/product back In Canada, especially Quebec and….

  • Because we take over from 2 well established web agencies. We know we have nothing to prove in terms of expertise and experience but it’s always nice having clients “confirming” this, especially if you’re a start-up
  • Client trust us and want to work with us for web marketing (SEO, PPC, Banners) and we will launch a big campaign this fall (strategy, media planning and buying) for the Canadian market even though we are halfway around the world. OK, we have more than 10 years experience in the North American market, we’re not newbies. And the fact we pretty much know all online networks reps personally back in Montreal does help indeed. But the great thing is: it’s business as usual for everybody involved. we use emails, skype, powerpoints…..distance doesn’t matter
  • Our client really “gets” it. We have business discussions first and foremost, and we use the web as a medium and a tool. We learn from each other.

We hope more and more clients will work with us not only for development but for all their strategic/marketing needs. We understand that selling strategy when you have 11 hour time difference is not that simple, but again, it’s all a matter of perception. And trust. In today’s world, does it really matter if we’re in Mongolia or Timbuctu?

We already have 3 “head to toe” clients so we must be doing something good : )

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