Sorry for the lack of posts lately, it’s the same old boring excuse….too busy working

To keep you up to date, in the last few months we hired 2 more people, one to help our front end team (html/jscript/design) and another one to boost our Zend framework capabilities. And we’re happy to tell you it makes a difference. We can take more projects now! (is it really a good thing, i don’t know….haha)

On top of this, we’ve made a big leap in terms of projects, taking bigger and more complex jobs. I’ll tell you more about one of them in the next post, but let’s just say our choice of platforms is really paying off a year later. The decision to go with Silverstripe for our CMS, Magento for e-commerce and Zend for all custom development looks like a good choice now.

Finally, the other exciting thing for us is the diversity of clients we signed, not only in regards to industry but also geography. We now have clients in Paris France, Sydney Australia and New York City. Our Canadian clients still provide the majority of projects but it is shifting slowly and surely to a more diverse and global portfolio. Which is something always fun no? It would be nice to have a “local” Asian client too. We’ve been trying but the stars have not been aligned yet

Next step? Find a new office. 8 Months later our “new” one is already too small. After the move we think we will have a good balance now (projects, people, revenues, enjoy what we do) so our objective will be to keep it going like this for a while.

That’s what we said 8 months ago.

Rock and roll!

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