First of all, let me just say that the writer of this blog is not a developer, I’m a strategy/marketing guy (surrounded by IT people, but that’s been my life in the web for over 10 years so I’m used to it).

As you probably know by now, we are a PHP company, open-source and all that. But we are, first and foremost, a service company. In other words, we sell our expertise to help clients. I feel this is important and we tend to forget it in our industry.

So why this is important? Because when a client asks for an e-commerce solution or a good CMS, what he really means is: something he can understand and work with. He doesn’t care about the back end, the server, the modules….he wants to be able to change the text, create new products, create promotions, add a picture. Straight-forward stuff.

And this is why we use Magento and Silverstripe. Because they are very user-friendly, simple and yet powerful platforms. From a development company perspective, we could add that they have very active communities and they bring new modules frequently. Obviously they are not perfect but they achieve what is essential: they are tools clients can actually use.

We will write some more in the future with actual projects we built and be a bit more technical this time.

(FYI: our own corporate website is built with Silverstripe, but this blog is in WordPress – sorry SS!!!)

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2 Responses to Why we use Magento and Silverstripe

  1. Sam Minnée says:

    Thanks for the positive mention :-) . I was wondering if you have made any attempts to integrate Magento and SilverStripe, and if so if you had any success?

  2. Larry Zoumas says:

    Integrating web apps is the root of all evil on planet Earth. Yes I have done projects in both SilverStripe and Magento. Maybe in the future when we have quantum processors and flying cars this would be a good idea for anything but a crappy throwaway site. Now send me a check for all the money you saved by not doing what every n00b on planet Earth wants to do. Custom development is required for high quality sites. You heard it here folks. Otherwise Amazon would be using Magento and Facebook would be using SilverStripe.

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